G318 GPS GSM Spy Bug Wireless Signal Detector

G318 GPS GSM Spy Bug Wireless Signal Detector

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Product Description

G318 GPS GSM Spy Bug Wireless Signal Detector. G318 Adopt the Advanced Technology of Germany, This Product Is Used to Detect Wireless Signal Emitting Devices Within the Target Site, Such as Wireless Camera and Snooping Devices or GPS Trackers for Detecting Whether There Is Strong Electromagnetic Radiation in the Working or Living Environment.



  • Small and Portable.
  • Scan Your Home for Any Bugs.
  • Find Hidden Cameras in Dressing Rooms.
  • Protection From Business Financial Data Leaks.
  • Sound and Light Alarm Indicator Makes It Easy to Use.
  • Applicable to Military, Government, Business and Other Venues.
  • Professional, Sensitive, With Modularly Threshold and Wide Detecting Frequency Range.



  • All Wireless Signals Among 1~8000 Mhz, Spy Gsm Audio, Gps Tracker, Wireless Hidden Camera, Mobile Phone Signals, Mobile Jammer and So on.


  • Checking Whether Existing Electromagnetic in Working Place or Accommodation
  • Detecting Home Appliances Aging or Not (Such as Microwave Oven), Leaking or Not.
  • Detecting the Wireless Wiretap in Car, Office, Conference, Room, Dressing Room, Bathroom, Hotel, Recreation Ground, Military Establishment or Government and So on.


  • Detecting the Wireless Signal Sent by Wireless Detectaphone or Tracker in Objective Place, and Checking if Existing Strong Electromagnetic in Working Place or Housing.

Functions Description

  • Model: G318
  • Detection Frequency: 1~8000mhz
  • Sensitivity: ≤0.03mw
  • Radius Range(M): Up to 10 Meters
  • Indicate: 9 Levels Color Led Luminescence Indication
  • Battery Type: 800mah Rechargeable Battery
  • Work Time: About 2 Hour
  • Charge Time: About 2 Hour
  • Size: 20 * 52 * 189mm
  • Weight: 0.13 Kg

How to Use

  • 1. Turn on the Power Switch, the Indicator Light Indicates the Power Is Working Normally,
  • 2. The Product Has 9 Independent Light-emitting Indicator Operation, Please Keep the 2-3 Indicator Light.
  • 3. Move the Product Slowly From One Side to the Other. If the Indicators Are Flashing Red, There May Be Suspicious Objects Around, and More Indicators Light Up in Red to Indicate That the Suspect Objects Are Nearer.

Package Included

  • 1 * Rf Detector
  • 2 * Antenna
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * English User

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