CX007 Spy Wireless Bug Hidden Camera Detector

CX007 Spy Wireless Bug Hidden Camera Detector

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Product Code: CX007 Spy Wireless Bug Hidden Camera Detector
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Product Description

Cx007 Spy Wireless Bug Hidden Camera DetectorThe Cx007 Dual Mode Detector Can Detect and Locate Any Wired, Wireless Hidden Camera and Rf Device With Working Frequency Between 1mhz - 6.5 Ghz, Including Gsm, Vhf, Uhf Bugs, Trackers. It Can Also Detect and Locate Spy Camera Lens Through Laser Scanning. It Is Equipped With Auto-detecting Function, Once It Detect Bugs, It Will Vibrate, Beep and Led Light Flicker.



  • Eavesdropping Device Pinhole Killer.
  • Frequency Detection Range (1mhz-65ghz).
  • Very Small Size, Very Convenient for Carrying Parameter Table.
  • This Rf Detector Has a Clock, You Can Look the Time Everywhere Just Like a Watch.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery. Can Be Used Continuously for 2~3 Hours.
  • Laser Detection Camera Distance of 0.1m-10m (the Naked Eye Can Identify Red Flashing).
  • Can Effectively Detect the Surrounding Eavesdropping Equipment, Pinhole Camera, Casino Gambling Fraud, Etc. 
  • This Detector Can Be Used by Everyone and Everywhere Who Want's Protect Their Privacy or Find the Gsm Device/hidden Camera.
  • Function Laser Detection, Vibration Detection, Beep Detection, Signal Strength Led Display Indicator, Headset, Clock, Flashlight.



  • Banks, Postal Financial Institutions Such as the Prevention of Pinhole Camera Candid Personal Passwords, Military Installations or Government Agencies Prevent Confidential Leaks in Hotels and Other Places, Public Places of Violation of Personal Information and Content, Pool and Gym Changing Room, Anti-pinhole Camera Traffic School, Exam Cheat-proof..


Technical Parameter

  • Laser Detection Range: 0.1m~10m 
  • Radio Wave Detection Range: 0.05m~20m
  • 50πw-200πw Detection Range: 0.3~0.5m
  • 300πw-600πw Detection Range: 1~2m
  • 800πw-1200πw Detection Range: 3~20m


Functional Description

  • Model: Cx007
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Abs
  • Frequency Range: 1mhz~6500mhz
  • Work Time: 2~3 Hours
  • Battery: 180mah Rechargeable
  • Interface: 3.5mm Jack Input
  • Charge Voltage: 5v/1a
  • Charging Type: 2.50mm Connector
  • Size: 15 * 50 * 74mm
  • Weight: 0.05 Kg


Package Included

  • 1 * Cx007 Detector
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * Headset
  • 1 * User Manual

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