POLICE Self Defense Pepper Spray

POLICE Self Defense Pepper Spray

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Product Description

POLICE Self Defense Pepper Spray. Be Prepared to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Personal Belongings From Assault by Carrying the Police Pepper Spray. When You're Feeling Like You're in Danger, You Can Quickly Access This Spray for Self-defense.



  • Papper Spray Best Use Range 1~3 Meters.
  • Protects Yourself With This Proven Papper Spray.
  • Perfect to Carry for Personal Protection From Being Attacked.
  • Quick and Simple to Operate, Light Weight Easy to Take Around.
  • Enables You to Defend Yourself to Keep a Safe Distance From an Attacker.
  • Spray on the Face Will Cause Temporary Blindness, Choking, Coughing and Nausea Bringing.


Efficient Anti Wolf Spray

  • Rely on the Dissemination of Irritant Gas, So That Offenders Lose Sight, Upper Respiratory Tract Violent Coughing, Was Strong, Hot Hot Uncomfortable Tingling, Numbness of Skin, Body Weakness, With Tears, Sneezing, Coughing, Too Busy Saving, an Instant Loss and the Ability to Resist Attacks.



  • Strictly Forbidden to Joke Around People, Only Used in Danger, if Got on Face, Please Rinse With Plenty of Water.


Package Included

  • 1 * Police Pepper Spray - 110ml

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