MD3003 Super Scanner Handheld Metal Detector

MD3003 Super Scanner Handheld Metal Detector

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Product Code: MD3003 Super Scanner Handheld Metal Detector
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Product Description

MD3003 Super Scanner Handheld Metal Detector. The Md-3003 Is a High Performance Hand Held Metal Detector Designed to Meet the Exact Requirement of the Security Industry. Typical Uses Will Include Body Search for Offensive Weapons in Crowd Control, Airport and Border Security, Checking Parcel and Letters for Metal Objects and Anywhere That Hidden Metal Needs to Be Detected.



  • Sound and Light or Vibration Mode Switchable.
  • Easy to Operate, Equipped With Leather, for Carrying.
  • Made by High Impact Abs Moulded Case, With Rugged Construction.
  • Ultra-high Sensitivity This Equipment Can Detect Tiny Metal Such as Razor-chip.
  • Low Power Alarming Reminder, When the Battery Voltage Is Low, There Will Be Buzzer Sound Rings All the Time.
  • Low Sensitivity Mode, the Scanner Will Only Respond to Larger Metal Objects Such as Pistols, Knives and So on.
  • High Sensitivity Mode, the Scanner Will Only Respond to Smaller Metal Objects Such as Coins, Keys, Blades and So on.
  • The Products Can Make Different Sounds When Detect Different Types of Metals, Which Help to Find the Target Objectives Wanted Quickly.


Functional Description

  • Model: Md-3003
  • Sensitivity: Dia 2mm Stell Ball
  • Sensitivity Operation: High/low (Switchable)
  • Operation Frequency: 95khz
  • Power Consumption: 260mw
  • Current: Less Than 50ma
  • Operation Temperature: -10°c to 50°c
  • Battery Type: 9v Battery
  • Size: 40 * 80 * 410mm
  • Weight: 0.37 Kg

How to Use

  • 1.install the Battery, Slide Off the Battery Cover and Place the Battery Inside.
  • 2.turn on, by Pushing the on/off Switch Until It Clicks on and the Greed Led Is Lit. The Detector Is Now Operational.
  • 3.detection, Holding the Unit With the Detection Face Towards the Surface, Sweep Backwards and Forwards Continuously at a Height of 10-30mm Above the Area to Be Scanned.


Package Included

  • 1 * Metal Detector
  • 1 * Leather Case
  • 1 * User Manual

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