Police/Guard Extendable Telescopic Whip Baton

Police/Guard Extendable Telescopic Whip Baton

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Product Code: Police/Guard Extendable Telescopic Whip Baton
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Product Description

Protect Yourself With a Telescopic Whip Baton. Don't Become a Victim, Become Aware of Your Personal Security. High Quality Telescopic Whip Baton Are Used by Police and Security Guards Around the World. A baton or truncheon may be used in many ways as a weapon. It can be used defensively to block; offensively to strike, jab, or bludgeon; and it can aid in the application of armlocks. The usual striking or bludgeoning action is not produced by a simple and direct hit, as with an ordinary blunt object, but rather by bringing the arm down sharply while allowing the truncheon to pivot nearly freely forward and downward, so moving its tip much faster than its handle.



  • 3 Section Easily Scalable
  • Easy and Simple Operation
  • Suitable for Police, Military, Anti-riot, Security, Self-defense...

Functional Description

  • Color: Black/Chrome
  • Material: 2 Section Spring + 1 Section Steel + Rubber Handle
  • Retract Diameter: 27 mm 
  • Retracted Length: 190 mm 
  • Extended Length : 460 mm 
  • Weight: 0.32 Kg

Package Included

  • 1 * Whip Baton
  • 1 * Nylon Case

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